Our Process

The number of trends survived measures your tenure in an industry. Many processes claim to be a solution to all of your ills, but demand all-or-nothing adoption. Most frameworks need to be instantiated specifically for your organization, which require more expertise than reading a book or obtaining a certification.

Process Templates

Just a sampling of brand name frameworks:

Franchise Frameworks

These allow firms to re-sell their solution to multiple organizations. Management consultants assess your organization, then provide a report detailing your mistakes, and marginalizing what made you successful. Technology consultants generally implement systems they know, which may leave you with a solution seeking a problem.

Our Process: Amalgam

Experience taught us:

  • Organizations are living things that change size and shape organically.
  • If you are still a going concern, you are doing something right.
  • No process or framework fits out-of-the-box — the joke about a certain three-letter ERP system is true.
  • There is always room for improvement, but even kaizen can reach a point of diminishing returns.

The Lantern Three Difference

  • We respect what makes an organization unique, and manage change to reduce impact and deliver value.
  • We embody best practices: we don’t need to look them up, and we will not use them against you.
  • We work hands-on, with your team on the ground, to incrementally remove bottlenecks and realize improvements.
  • We coach your staff on how to recognize issues and resolve them.
  • Once your problem is solved, we move on.