Organizational Leadership

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Lead by Principal Consultant Shawn Boockoff, the Organizational Leadership Community of Practice is committed to cultivate resilience, effectiveness, and dignity in leaders and their organizations. Lantern Three offers expertise in the areas of Organizational Care and Leadership Coaching.

Organizational Care

  • Cultural Integration – mergers, acquisition, or up/down-sizing affect coordination; improve cohesion by blending cultures.
  • Effectiveness – improve communication and coordination among individuals and teams.
  • Leadership Development – cultivate the skills that leaders need to take multiple perspectives, embody the wisdom that leader is more than a designation.
  • Strategic Alignment – what are your vision, mission, and goals? How will you get there?
  • Trauma – identify “wounds” that impede progress and threaten the organization’s mission (e.g. dysfunctional or abusive leadership).

Leadership Coaching

As Marshall Goldsmith says, “What got you here won’t get you there.” We all have blind spots or habits that served us in the past and negatively impact our effectiveness. Living inside this terrarium may produce relationship breakdowns, or create a sense of stuck. Leaders are responsible for what’s next, and must know when their objectives have surpassed their current capabilities. Professional athletes, despite all their natural talent and experience,  hire coaches to improve their skills and sharpen their game.

Successful leaders also hire coaches. Leadership Coaches are neutral allies that listen, observe, and reflect back what they see. Through this process, coaches and their clients co-design practices that challenge, support accountability, and promote risk-taking under safe to fail conditions.

Our Leadership Development Context

Based on our  work with individuals and organizations, we incorporate methodologies and schools of thought which promote personal authenticity and effectiveness, and empower leaders to build healthy and successful organizations.

  • Presence-Based Coaching – build the capacity for presence: elevate awareness of habit-nature, cultivate resilience, provide a compass for others to follow, and enable purposeful action.
  • Somatics –  a unique mind-body approach to develop awareness that keeps us in choice, enabling a greater capacity for effective action.
  • Adult Development
  • Assessments: EQ, MBTI, Tolerance For Ambiguity Scale
  • Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Linguistics (speech acts)
  • Mindfulness
  • Polarities

Lantern Three cofounded and co-facilitates these Somatics Communities of Practice: