About Lantern Three

Lantern Three was incepted by Managing Partner John Eisenschmidt, who — after working in back-office IT positions — had discovered three problems:

  • Consultants solve the issues that clients identify…not the root problems. This approach of treating the symptoms rather than the cause leads to wasted investments.
  • Business consultants typically do not solve technology problems well. This leads to inadequate engineering, design, and system implementations.
  • Technology consultants typically do not solve business problems well. This leads to inadequate processes and ineffective change management.

To address these problems with better solutions, John founded Lantern Three in collaboration with the very best professionals he knew. The Lantern team offers an unparalleled set of business and information technology skills with a proven track record of success. These individuals see issues others don’t, and solve them the first time, every time.

Core Values

We do work that matters.

Expertly implementing an ERP system or auditing IT security matters to our clients, and it matters to us. We all are impacted by systems that interrupt our workflow, consume our time, or are unnecessarily restrictive. Our professionals help clients to maximize their efficiency and reduce risks, which leads to happier, more productive people all around.

We are as excited about your business as you are.

While we may not know every facet of our clients’ businesses, we understand that those businesses must run smoothly to maximize success. Our goal is to seamlessly lead our clients to the higher levels of technological effectiveness that will allow them to, instead, focus on their core objectives. And, when they do, we share in the excitement and satisfaction of their (finally) “getting back to business”.

We do what we do because we are energized by it.

Our team comprises people who are constantly solving intricate puzzles. Each job is another chance to test our mettle, and each completed project is another challenge bested. Overcoming technical issues for businesses invigorates us.

We hire people we admire, and only those people.

We do not hire people because we have a spot to fill. We take our time to find people who have done exceptional work. These professionals are truly diamonds in the rough, and they help Lantern Three more effectively resolve the issues our clients face.

We solve the problem, not the symptom. And we solve it once.

We value our clients’ time and money. We approach each project as a unique challenge that requires pointed, logical, effective thinking and solutions. We solve problems permanently.